10 steps to better regeneration

Regeneration is an important and supposed subject, but many people, especially amateurs, do not care about regeneration, which causes a sudden drop in form. You have to remember that regeneration is about taking care of different things. It can be compared to car maintenance. It’s not enough to pour fuel. You have to turn off the engine once in a while, wash it, clean it up, change the oil, and sometimes visit the mechanic.

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Below are 10 steps to better regeneration after training or competition.

1. Cooling

For better regeneration, it is crucial that after finishing the workout, spend 5-10 minutes on so-called cooling, i.e. low-intensity exercises. Thanks to this, we loosen muscles and accelerate the excretion of harmful substances that were created during intense exercise. For example, after finished running training it is worth to trot or even walk for about 5-10 minutes. It is worth seeing as soon as on the Tour de France riders, when they reach the finish line they enter for a moment on the simulator, to spin the bike for a short time on a low intensity.


2. Nutrition

When we return home, it is important to eat a carbohydrate and protein meal as soon as possible. Thanks to this, we rebuild our bodies which are damaged during the effort. In addition, you need to replace glycogen, so our tank with fuel. In addition, fluids must be topped up. A meal after training must always be eaten even if it ends at 23.


3. Bath

One of the key elements. And what water is better, cold or warm? Both. It’s best to use them alternately. It causes narrowing and expansion of blood vessels, thanks to which blood flows faster and this causes that we remove harmful substances from the muscles faster. It is also worth from time to time to go to sauna, it is extremely relaxing, but it should be remembered that it should be avoided before the competition because it relaxes the body too much.


4. Rest

After a bath and a meal, if we have the opportunity, it is worth resting so that our body rests. It’s even worth taking a 30min nap. You also can’t forget about the right amount of sleep because that’s when the body regenerates. The more we train the more we should sleep.


5. Massage

The massage made by the physiotherapist is quite expensive. It costs about PLN 50-100. However, it is worth choosing from time to time, especially if something hurts in a place all the time. On a daily basis, massage yourself with the help of massage rollers, which have recently become very popular.


6. Vitamins

Vitamins and proper supplementation is very important and supports our regeneration process. When it comes to vitamins, it is worth consuming vitamins A, B, C, D, E as, among other things, they support the immune system, reduce inflammation, and increase muscle repair.


7. Regenerative training

It is worth to do such training especially after competitions or strong training, because thanks to this we stimulate our body and accelerate its regeneration.


8. A visit to the doctor

We should not go to the doctor only if something is happening, but prophylactically. It is worth doing periodic blood tests to see what is happening in our body. Maybe it is a trifle, but if left untreated, it can lead to injury.


9. Compression

Opinions are divided. Compression socks squeezing make blood flow better. It is a way of regeneration and many people praise it. You have to test it on yourself and tell if it gives us an advantage.


10. A day off

Sometimes when we train too much, you need to know when to say enough and take a day off. Such rest can sometimes bring us more benefits than strong training. In addition, we have time to spend with your loved ones and this is the most important thing.

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