Piotr Brodzki – retired triathlete interview # 19

Piotr Brodzki is a triathlete who two years ago was one of the best amateurs in Poland at the sprint and Olympic distance, who belonged to such teams as Complexsports, KS UAM Szpot Triathlon Poznan or UKS Cityzen / BE3. He has now changed the direction of life and is creating his own project – Sportrips. If he is as good at it as in triathlon, you will certainly hear about this organization.

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1. Let’s start with your triathlon career. How did your adventure with the sport start?

(laugh) I’d rather call it an adventure with endurance sports than a career… It began a long time ago. So long ago that nobody really remembers the beginning anymore. (laugh) Jokes aside, it was the second grade of my secondary school (2013) when, as a complete amateur, I started running with my friends and swimming more regularly. I participated in 10K runs in Gdynia – my beautiful hometown. (No jokes – it really is a great place – probably the best to live in Poland!) (laugh) And back to the story – later I ran a half marathon and in the final year of my secondary school (2014), together with three friends of mine, we finished our first long-distance race – the marathon! Ahh! What a feeling! It was at that time, after one of the swimming sessions, that I came across trainers from “Complexsports“. I simply asked them if I could join them. The answer was positive.
I sighed with relief! (laugh) It was with that amateur triathlon group from my hometown that I took part in some of my first TRI competitions.

P.S. If you are fans of numbers, not texts, you will find most of my triathlon achievements in the link below. All you need to do is click it and scroll down a bit 😀 They say numbers don’t lie. (laugh)



2. What was next?

In 2014 I moved to Poznań and started my bachelor degree studies at the Poznań University of Economics and Business, which is currently
the No. 1 business school in Poland. The profile of my studies wasn’t related to sport, though. The degree course I chose – Management with the specialisation in Trade and Marketing – fits, I’d say, the statement “man does not live by bread triathlon alone”.(laugh)


So, because of moving to Poznań I changed the sports club. After passing the tests I joined the triathlon section of the Adam Mickiewicz University – KS UAM Szpot Triathlon Poznań – where the trainings became much more structured. After about a year of training, together with my two best friends, I moved to the UKS Cityzen_/BE3 where, thanks to the very professional approach of the trainers and great training base, I became one of the best amateurs in Poland in sprint and Olympic distance.



3. Which part of triathlon, do you feel, was your strongest point?

Let’s leave fake modesty aside. (laugh) Frankly speaking, I felt and was strong in all 3 triathlon disciplines. Good swimming allowed me to be in the front pack from the very beginning of the race. I have to admit that I valued it a lot. (laugh)


4. Which trainings were your favourite ones?

To be honest, I didn’t have a favourite training session. I just came to trainings and carefully followed the guidelines of the trainers from UKS Cityzen_/BE3. Training in one of the best triathlon clubs in Poland always gives you an extra boost of motivation. Especially in such a group, workouts are much easier and more pleasant to do. Strength is in numbers! At the university, they taught us it’s a synergy effect. 😀 (laugh)


5. Which triathlon race do you remember the most? Which race are you most proud of?

It is definitely Polish Nationwide Amateur Triathlon Championships in Olympic distance in Gdańsk in 2016. I was leading the race from the very beginning until about the 30th km on the bike. Finally, I achieved the 4th place in the overall classification, simultaneously winning my age category for men aged 18-24 and becoming the Polish Champion.

The second race I remember well is Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon 2017. Although, as in 2016, I was just outside the podium in the overall classification (4th place), I managed to finish in front of the two-time participant of the Olympic Games in Triathlon (London 2012, Rio 2016) – Agnieszka Jerzyk 😀

6. Any other achievements?

Of course! (laugh) I was (and still am) a medallist of the Polish Nationwide Amateur Triathlon Championships both in sprint and Olympic distance in 2016 & 2017.

I was also 3rd in the general classification of the Polish Cup in Triathlon in 2017 in my age category for men aged 18-24. The rest of the achievements can be found in the link at the beginning of our conversation. 😀


7. And as an ex-triathlete do you have any tips for amateurs?

Amateurs should enjoy physical activity and appreciate the fact that, unlike professionals, they don’t have to train – they are lucky to have an option. There is a big difference between “you have to” and “you can“. Believe me – I think I know what I’m talking about! (laugh) It’s important to keep that in mind. P.S. I think my opinion about training becomes more and more liberal. Back in the day the training had to be done! (laugh)


8. Why is it worth to do sports?

We get to know ourselves better. Through sport we find out where our mental and physical limits lie and try to push them. The obvious aspects are good appearance, endorphins and so on.


9. Do you have a sports idol?

Is Jan Frodeno the correct answer? He’s definitely one of the best triathletes out there but to be honest I don’t have sports idols.


10. Tell us something about “Sportrips” – the travel agency you want to set up. What made you think of it?

After completing my bachelor’s degree in 2017, I suspended my “triathlon career”. I decided to go abroad, where I spent 1,5 years working. More information available on my Linkedin profile. (laugh)

And to answer your question – something inside told me: “Try it”. And I will stick to it! Now it’s time for competing in business! (laugh)

11. What plans do you have regarding this travel agency?

The “Sportrips” vision is quite simple. I intend to travel the world in the near future, discover beautiful places to do different sports and then organize sport trips there. Generally speaking, this idea came to me naturally, don’t ask how! (laugh)

12. When will we see you competing? 😀

To be honest, I don’t plan to compete anytime soon. I would like to develop myself in the business context – so that my field of study is not wasted! (laugh)

13. Thanks for the conversation 😀

Keeping fingers crossed for the dynamic growth of Invictus 3City. Cheers, thanks for the conversation! 😀

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