5 running tips for beginners

You want to start running but have a few doubts on what you should focus on? We have for you five running tips which help you begin and enjoy your new journey.

1. Adjust

If you start your journey with running it is important to adjust your mileage. Firstly your overall fitness may vary according to what have you been doing before. Some people have running experience, others were doing different sports and also there are people whose activity level was basic, only walking during a day.  Therefore you must you must ask one crucial question “How much should I run to improve my fitness and in the same time feel fresh and happy?” In most cases the best choice is to run three times in a week for 30 minutes, such activity will helps you burn fat and works your brain more efficiently.

2. Persistence

When you start to run regularly you can feel that three times per week is too easy for you. Thus a lot of people make huge mistake, they increase mileage too much and too soon, this behavior may provide to an overtraining and finally to injury, which you want to avoid. Deploy patience, your goal is to run for many years, so add another 30 minutes run after at least 4 weeks, then your body reach new level of fitness smoothly and enjoyable.

3. Running shoes

A lot of new runners want to buy the best equipment and gadgets, they believe that this approach will help them become better and faster runners. Huge mistake, at the beginning you need only two things: proper shoes and time keeper. Our feet require support to prevent them from soreness and injuries, especially at the first weeks when your legs experience a lot of ground impact. At the early stage it is better to measure your run at a time nor at kilometers. Pace can change due to weather conditions or your  mood so a daily distance may differ, sometime you run loop faster sometimes slower. Hence to measure time you need only mobile phone or simple stopwatch. Don’t waste your money for complex electronics stuff invest it in comfortable shoes.

4. Healthy food

You choose running probably to be healthier, so it is also crucial to change your eating habits too. Sport activities requires regular meals at least four times a day, which helps you to have more energy. Mainly you should focus on whole grain, unprocessed products like vegetables, fruits, rice, kasha. A plant based diet is favorable for runners but if you like meaty you don’t have to reject it, prepare with it with low fat and choose from a certain source. After training take protein drink which helps you recover faster, simple recipe is one cup of milk cacao drink.

5. Enjoy

The most important is just enjoy your run! After each training you will feel enormous amount of positive energy and endorphins. Moreover you will forget about your problems and gain a lot of energy to work. Runners are one of the most happiest and fulfilled people on the World.

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